European Redwood – Pinus Sylvestris

This a very popular species for timber cladding, and is also known as Scots Pine, most of which is imported into the UK from Scandinavia.

It is used and has been used for centuries for many Internal and External Joinery applications. The ease of working and quality of finish is dependent upon the size, and number of knots, and degree of resin present.


Grades of Redwood that Brookridge Timber offers

3 to 4 Side Clear – Very low knot content with one knot per meter on average over a 4.5 meter length with some boards being clear.

Unsorted – More frequent knots along the whole length up to a maximum 40mm diameter.

Fifths – More frequent knots than the unsorted along the whole length up to a maximum 60mm diameter.

The quality of the timber is affected by the conditions of growth, climate, soil, elevation, etc, more than most timbers because of its wide and varying distribution, and these factors affect the texture, density, size and number of knots.

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Tech Specs

Wood type: Softwood.

Origin: Europe, Britain, Russia and Northern Asia.

Sustainability : All from well managed forests – We stock only certified with chain of custody.

Availability: Sawn and planed products in a wide range of thicknesses, widths and profiled patterns.

Colour: The sapwood is creamy-white to yellow in colour, narrow, especially in northern environments, becoming wider in the southern areas, and the heartwood is pale yellowish-brown to reddish-brown, resinous, and usually distinct from the sapwood.

Quality: Imported – 3 to 4 side clear, Unsorted and Fifths.

Typical end uses: Cladding, Decking, A host of Internal Joinery and Furniture applications.
Durability: Moderately durable.
Density: 510 kg/m3 at 16-18% moisture content.

Dimensional stability: Moderate.


Available Profiles