UK Western Red Cedar – Thuja plicata

UK grown timber is a soft timber and as such it may be more prone to physical damage such as splitting and indentation/bruising, so care should be taken.

UK Cedar timber cladding will colour down to a silver/grey colour.  Homegrown Western Red Cedar has been growing in our country for 90 years plus and is faster grown than its Canadian Counterpart making it only a Moderately Durable softwood.

Homegrown Cedar is significantly cheaper over North American and Western Canadian alternative and from a carbon footprint perspective, is worth considering as the product does not have to travel half way round the world to our country.

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Tech Specs

Wood Type: Softwood
Origin: UK
Sustainability: All from well managed forests – We stock only certified with chain of custody.
Availability: Sawn and planed products in a wide range of thicknesses, widths and profiled patterns
Colour: Light Brown Sapwood to Dark Brown Heartwood – If left unprotected, it will turn to a silver grey colour.

Quality: Joinery and Structural.
Typical end uses: External Structural Application, Cladding, Flooring, Decking and Joinery.

Durability: Slightly-Moderately Durable.
Density: 390 kg per m3 at 12% moisture content.
Dimensional stability: It has a tendency to distort when wet or not dried, but once dry, is generally stable.


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