Pressure Treated Battens

Roofing Battens

Not all roofing battens are the same. Brookridge Timber supplies a range of battens depending on a customer’s end use requirements.

Blue Batten Graded to BS 5534

Our Blue Batten range complies with BS 5534 and are factory graded to provide a superior and consistent batten.

Roofing battens must meet the recommendations stated in BS 5534 in terms of their species, permissible characteristics and defects such as knots, splits, slope of grain, rate of growth and wane.  The grading also includes clear tolerance limits on batten, specifying they must never be less than 25mm deep with the following tolerances:

Plus 3mm / Minus 0mm on the dept

Plus / Minus 3mm on the width

In short, by using a roofing batten graded to BS 5534 customers can ensure they meet minimum requirements whilst spending less time on site sorting product, less product waste and they will be minimising any health and safety risks.

Standard Pressure Treated Batten

There are many end uses for timber batten where a graded and more expensive product as detailed above is not necessary.

At Brookridge Timber we also stock a range of pressure treated battens in the following sizes:

19 x 38

25 x 38

25 x 50

Whilst not recommended for roofing jobs as it is not graded, this product has many end uses for products such as Trellis, Fencing and Form Work.

Regularised Pressure Treated Batten for use as a Backing Structure

Where timber cladding is used in construction, it requires a ventilated backing structure and this can be achieved by using regularised timber batten.  Whether the cladding is installed vertically or horizontally (where a counter batten is required please see download for more information), Brookridge Timber can provide a range of quality regularised and pressure treated timber battens to carry out the job.  The most common dimensions are as follows:

33(f)mm x 45(f)mm

45(f)mm x 45(f)mm

45(f)mm x 70(f)mm

45(f)mm x 95(f)mm

Other sizes are available and we can even machine to specific sizes if required by a particular job.  Please contact us for more details.

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