Engineered Timber

What is Engineered Timber?

Engineered Timber is highly engineered wood products designed to combine high performance and aesthetic appeal. They are made by joining/gluing multiple pieces of material together.

Dimensional Stability

The multi-layer construction of engineered timber stabilises the finished product so that it moves in a more uniform way compared to solid wood.

Reduced Handling

The components are of regular sizes, the faces are clean and clear, making handling and storage easier and more efficient.

Uniform Performance

The timbers used are consistently graded and dried, giving a uniform performance and appearance.

Material Costs

Costs based on yield of solid wood vs Engineered Timber could save approximately 25%.

Labour Costs

Engineered Timber is easy to assemble keeping labour costs to a minimum.


Made to measure components could result in 30% less waste and lower associated costs.


Engineered Timber is free from knots, splits and staining.

Environmentally Friendly

Waste is produced at the source of manufacture and is recycled back into other wood products.

FD30 Fire Certified

What Species?

The Engineered Timber range is available in four key species, with other species available to order. Chain of custody information is available upon request.