At Brookridge Timber we stock a range of high quality gate posts which are ideal to add a stylish finish to your garden, entrance and driveway gates.

All of our Gate Posts are sourced from trusted UK mills ensuring they are high quality.  They come four way weather topped and are sourced from pine redwood.

Pine is our chosen species for gate posts because of its superior treatability.

Not all treated timber is created equal.  The level of resistance of a treated fence post to rot and insect is directly related to the amount of chemical preservative in the fence post.

Brookridge Timber pine gate posts are dried to a moisture content of 28% or less prior to pressure treatment and the pine which due to its cell structure takes on higher volumes of chemical compared to other species such as spruce.

All Brookridge Timber’s pine gate posts are treated to User Class 4 which is the correct specification for timber to be used in ground contact as required by BS8417:2011 given an expected service life of 15 years.

Four Way Weathered Gate Post Stock

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What Size of Posts to Use?

We would recommend the following size post to used with a gate.

150mm for 3ft 4ft 5ft 6ft wide gates

175mm for 7ft, 8ft 9ft wide gates

200mm for 10ft, 11ft 12ft wide gates


To compliment our range of fencing components Brookridge Timber also supplies high quality timber rails all pressure treated to user class 3 for use out of ground contact. We can supply the ideal rail for every fencing project and below are details of our ex stock items.