HR Prof timber treatment is tested and approved internationally and meets the classifications of Euroclass B-s1-d0, (UK class 0 on solid wood, Euroclass C-s1-d0 (UK class 1) on plywood, K1 10 and K2 10.

HR Prof helps to extend the lifetime of treated wood, transforming it into a more fungal and blue stain resistant substrate.

Once absorbed into the surface of the wood, HR prof combines chemically within the cell structure but does not form a surface finish, which allows the wood to breathe naturally. In the event of fire, carbon char is restricted to the immediate area – preventing the flames from spreading.

Wood treated with HR Prof complies with EU construction products regulations, enabling customers to apply for a CE mark on treated timber. HR Prof is certified according to EU regulation number: 305/2011 (Construction Products Regulation).

Key Facts

  • Euroclass B-s1-d0
  • Water based
  • Eco friendly
  • Internal and External application, does not leach
  • Colourless and odourless

  • Apply with brush, roller, low pressure spray or vacuum
  • Non Toxic – No Solvents
  • No maintenance required
  • Tested to BS 476-6 and BS 476 part 7
  • Meets the highest EU quality standards


The product is easy to use and does not require a protective finishing coat. It is not harmful to humans, animals or the environment.

HR Prof can be easily applied with a brush, roller, low pressure spray or vacuum. Typically three coats is sufficient, and these should be applied at intervals of 1 hour (minimum).


270ml/m2 on most wood species, on W R Cedar 360 ml/m2, to ensure a depth of impregnation of 2.0 – 4.5mm into the wood,

Euroclass B-s1-d0

  • Spruce
  • Birch
  • Pine
  • European Oak
  • Scotch Larch

  • Siberian Larch
  • Wester Red Cedar
  • Sucupira Amarela
  • Thermowood 

Certification and Approvals

  • Fireproof efficiency class B-s1-d0 according to EN 13501 1 (EN13823 and EN 11925 2)
  • Fire resistance test of covering K1 10 and K2 10 according to EN 13501-2 (EN 14135, EN 1363-1 and EN 1363 2)
  • Fire protection of floor covering A2/B FI according to EN ISO 9239-1
  • Fire testing according to ISO 5660

  • Fire test of a facade cladding SP Fire 105
  • External usage efficiency according to accelerated endurance of fire retardant treated wood for fire testing according to NT FIRE 053 & NT FIRE 054
  • Hygroscopic experiment NT Build 504
  • Assessment and approval of factory production control according to the European Commission