UK Larch Cladding – Larix Europaea

UK Larch is a strong timber and has frequent dark knots up to 50mm in size. It has a high resin content and is not as stable as Siberian Larch as it can be prone to warping and twisting. Care should be taken if using for a cladding to order a cladding quality grade as there are lower grades available not suitable for this end use. UK grown Larch is also only rated as moderately durable so if being used externally you should take advice on the best way to protect your cladding from rot and insect attack. If left untreated, when exposed to rain and sunlight, it will go an attractive silver grey colour.

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Tech Specs

Botanical Name : Larix Europaea

Wood Type : Softwood

Origin : UK

Sustainability : From well managed forests FSC

Durability : Moderately Durable Class 3 as per BS 8417

Stability:Reasonably stable when dry with a low shrinkage factor but can be prone to some warping and twisting

Density : 550 kg/m3

Thermal Conductivity Rating (U Value) :

0.13 W/m2 K

Availability : Sawn, planed and profiled products in a wide range of thicknesses, widths and lengths

Commercially Available Grades in the UK : Air Dried Cladding Grade knots up to 50mm


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