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Maximising Timber Longevity: High vs. Low Pressure Treatments Explained

Welcome to Brookridge Timber, your premier Devon timber trader and supplier. As a leading provider of high-quality timber products, we are committed to ensuring the longevity and durability of our offerings. One of the key methods we use to enhance the lifespan and performance of our timber is through pressure treatment. In this blog post, we will explore the differences between high pressure treatment for timber and low pressure treatment for timber, the benefits of pressure treated timber, and how Brookridge Timber ensures the highest standards in our products.


High Pressure Treatment: Long-Term Protection for Your Timber

The High Pressure Treatment Process

High pressure treatment is a robust method designed to provide long-term protection against wood decay and insect attack. This process involves the use of an industrial high pressure vacuum that forces preservatives deep into the cellular structure of the timber. The latest preservatives used in this process are based on copper, combined with triazole biocides, offering comprehensive protection against all forms of decay organisms.

Benefits of High Pressure Treatment

  1. Enhanced Durability: High pressure treated timber is exceptionally durable, with protection that can last for decades. This treatment is particularly effective for timbers exposed to harsh environmental conditions.
  2. Extended Service Life: Depending on the end use, high pressure treated timbers can have a service life ranging from 15 years for external ground contact timbers to up to 60 years for internal construction timbers.
  3. Versatile Applications: High pressure treated timber is suitable for a wide range of applications, including fencing, decking, landscaping, and structural uses.
  4. Color Options: Customers can choose from a natural pale green color that weathers to a silver-grey or opt for a rich brown pigment that retains its attractive appearance for longer.

Meeting Industry Standards

All high pressure treatments at Brookridge Timber are carried out to meet the Use Class requirements of BS 8417, the industry’s code of practice for the preservative treatment of timber. These Use Classes define the level of protection required based on the timber’s susceptibility to decay or insect attack.

Warranty Scheme

To ensure customer confidence, Brookridge Timber offers a 15-30 year warranty on our high pressure treated products. This warranty is a testament to the quality and reliability of our treatment processes, compliant with BS 8417 standards.

pressure treated timber

Low Pressure Treatment: Specialised Protection for Joinery and Construction Timbers

The Low Pressure Treatment Process

Low pressure treatment, also known as the double vacuum process (Vac Vac), provides a protective envelope around the timber. This method uses a water-based preservative containing organic active ingredients, offering effective protection without altering the timber’s precise dimensions.

Benefits of Low Pressure Treatment

  1. Long-Term Protection: Low pressure treated timber offers long-term protection against decay and insect attack, making it ideal for construction and joinery applications.
  2. Preserves Timber Dimensions: This treatment is perfect for applications where precise timber dimensions are crucial, such as in joinery work.
  3. Natural Appearance: Low pressure treated timbers maintain their natural appearance, with a pale yellow color added to indicate the treatment.

Appropriate Applications

Low pressure treated timber is suitable for use above the damp proof course level and above ground contact. Exterior joinery and woodwork treated with this method must be protected with an appropriate and maintained surface coating.

Meeting Industry Standards

Like our high pressure treatment, all low pressure treatments at Brookridge Timber meet the Use Class requirements of BS 8417. The expected service life of low pressure treated timbers can reach up to 15 years when installed and coated correctly.

The Importance of Correct Specification

At Brookridge Timber, we emphasize the importance of correct specification for every customer. By understanding the intended end use of our timber products, we can ensure the correct species selection and pressure treatment cycle, guaranteeing that the timber supplied is fit for purpose.

Why Choose Brookridge Timber?

As a leading timber trader and supplier in Devon, Brookridge Timber is committed to providing top-quality pressure treated timber products. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Expertise: Our experienced team is well-versed in the latest timber treatment techniques, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards.
  • Sustainability: We source our timber from sustainable forests, offering FSC® and PEFC certified products.
  • Comprehensive Range: From high pressure treated fencing and decking to low pressure treated joinery timbers, we offer a wide range of products to meet your needs.
  • Convenience: Our online store allows you to browse and order timber products from the comfort of your home, with reliable delivery services ensuring timely arrivals.

Your South West Timber Trader

Understanding the differences between high and low pressure treatment for timber is crucial for selecting the right products for your project. High pressure treatment offers robust, long-term protection for various applications, while low pressure treatment is ideal for joinery and construction timbers where precise dimensions are essential. At Brookridge Timber, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, sustainably sourced, and expertly treated timber products to ensure your projects are durable and successful.

Explore our range of pressure treated timber products today and experience the quality and reliability that Brookridge Timber offers. Visit our website or contact our team for more information and to place your order.

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