At Brookridge Timber we stock a range of railway sleepers allowing you to be creative with any landscaping project. Sleepers are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of projects including retaining walls, edging and raised beds.


All the softwood sleepers offered by Brookridge Timber are produced from UK grown pine redwood and are high pressure treated to user class 4.

Pine is our chosen species for softwood landscaping sleepers because of its superior treatability.

Not all treated timber is created equal.  The level of resistance of a treated softwood landscaping sleeper to rot and insect is directly related to the amount of chemical preservative in the sleeper.

Brookridge Timber pine softwood landscaping sleepers are dried to a moisture content of 28% or less prior to pressure treatment and the pine which due to its cell structure takes on higher volumes of chemical compared to other species such as spruce.

All Brookridge Timber’s pine softwood landscaping sleepers are treated to User Class 4 which is the correct specification for timber to be used in ground contact as required by BS8417:2011 given an expected service life of 15 years.

The following sleepers are offered for immediate delivery from stock and for that extra special project they can be offered with a planed finish.

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A reclaimed sleeper is likely to have been used for many years on a railway track and as it has been treated with creosote it will still have a very long service life when used in ground contact.

There are many grades of reclaimed sleepers on the market and all Brookridge Timber’s reclaimed sleepers are sourced from trusted suppliers who only deliver the top grade A quality.

Brookridge Timber’s reclaimed sleepers are ideal where a project requires a more rustic look and are available ex stock in the following size.  Please remember as these sleepers are in effect second hand there can be a large tolerance on the dimensions.

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Oak is a durable species of timber and as such is ideal to be used in ground contact as a landscaping sleeper.  As a species it requires no preservative treatment to give a long service life in ground contact.  The oak sleepers supplied by Brookridge Timber are guaranteed to have two good faces and are ideal for a special project.  They are available in the following size:

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