Geographical area: North America, Canada
Durability: Durable
Appearance: Reddish brown, when freshly cut can be dark brown to salmon pink, ages to
silvery grey if left untreated, grain is straight with a coarse texture
Grade: No.2 Clear and better, allowing up to 15% down to no.4
Typical spec: 2.1m+ longer, 100mm + wider
Density: 390 kg/m³ average
Uses: Exterior joinery, cladding, flooring, decking
Also available: Stock TGV cladding, stock shiplap + other profiles

Geographical area: North America
Durability: Moderately durable
Appearance: Usually light reddish brown with prominent growth ring figure, typically
straight grain with a uniform medium texture
Grade: No.2 Clear and better
Typical spec: 2.1m+ longer, 100mm + wider
Density: 530 kg/m³ average
Uses: Exterior and interior joinery, cladding, construction, flooring

Geographical area: Siberia to Mongolia
Durability: Slightly/moderately durable
Appearance: Straight grain with a fine uniform texture.
Grade: Unsorted, Saw Falling
Typical spec: 1.8m+ longer, 100mm+ wider
Density: 590kg/m3 (ranging from 570-650)
Uses: Cladding, some exterior joinery, decking

Geographical area: South America
Durability: Slightly durable
Appearance: Yellowish-brown to reddish-brown with well marked growth rings,
short straight grain with coarse texture
Grade: Saps, Prime & Better
Typical spec: 2.1m+ longer, 225mm + wider
Density: 660 kg/m³ average
Uses: Joinery, structural, decking

Geographical area: Europe
Durability: Non-durable
Appearance: Pale yellowish brown to red brown, sapwood lighter in colour.
Grade: Unsorted
Typical spec: 1.8m+ longer, 100mm+ wider
Density: 510 kg/m³ average
Uses: Interior joinery, furniture, window manufacture

*Available to order

Geographical area: Europe
Durability: Non-durable
Appearance: White to pale yellowish brown
Machining: Very good
Density: 470 kg/m³ average
Uses: Interior joinery, staircases, framing.
Working qualities: Stains, paints and varnishes well.