High Pressure Treatment

pressure treated timber


High Pressure Treatment provides an assured long term protection against all forms of wood decay and insect attack. This treatment process greatly extends the service life of a wide range of our timber products.
Treatment Process
Treatments are carried out through a proven industrial high pressure vacuum process that forces the Twood preservative deep into the cellular structure of the timbers to give a highly effective and permanent protection.
The latest  preservative is based on copper together with a combination of triazole biocides that together provide a robust protection against all decay organisms.
The treated timbers have an initial pale green colouration which slowly weathers in outdoor environments to a honey brown and eventually to a natural silver grey. This change in appearance does not diminish the overall long term preservative protection.
We do offer a treatment option where a rich brown colour can be added to the treatment if required.
All our  high pressure treatments are carried out to meet the Use Class requirements required in BS 8417 – the industry’s code of practice for the preservative treatment of timber.
These Use Classes define the eventual end use of the timber in terms of its likely susceptibility of decay or insect attack. The higher the Use Class, the greater the degree of preservative protection is required.
The expected service lives of our high pressure treated timbers therefore vary depending upon their end use. For instance 15 years for external ground contact timbers to up to 60 years for internal construction timbers. Please ask us for further details on specific service life expectations.

Brown Pigmented High Pressure Treatment

High pressure treated wood products can also be available in an attractive brown colour when produced in conjunction with the pigment system. As the colour is a pigment and not a dye the timber will remain an attractive brown colour for longer

Warranty Scheme

Brookridge Timber Products can provide a 15-30year warranty on our high pressure products by working closely with our third party suppliers to ensure our standards and treatment process remains at the highest levels, and are compliant with BS 8417 standards.

Importance of Correct Specification

At Brookridge Timber Products, great emphasis is put on establishing every customer’s intended end use of timber products at initial point of contact. This facilitates correct species selection and pressure treatment cycle to ensure the timber supplied is fit for purpose.