Low Pressure Treatment

Protim® Protects

Our low pressure treatment process at Brookridge Timber  provide an assured long term protection against all forms of wood decay and insect attack. This treatment process is particularly relevant for our construction and joinery timbers.
Treatment Process
Treatments are carried out through an industrial low pressure, double vacuum process that allows the wood preservative to give an envelope of protection to the construction or joinery timbers without affecting their precise dimensions.
The latest low pressure preservative is a water based formulation that contains proven organic active ingredients. Low pressure treated timber must only be used above the damp proof course level and/or above ground contact. Any low pressure treated exterior joinery/ woodwork must be subsequently protected with an appropriate and maintained surface coating.
The treated timbers have a natural appearance but a pale yellow colour is added to help identify the value added treatment .
All our low pressure treatments are carried out to meet the Use Class requirements required in BS 8417 – the industry’s code of practice for the preservative treatment of timber.
These Use Classes define the eventual end use of the timber in terms of its likely susceptibility of decay or insect attack. The higher the Use Class, the greater the degree of preservative protection is required.
The service lives of our low pressure treated timbers therefore vary depending upon their end use. For a suitably fully coated product you would expect a service life of up to 15 years if installed and coated correctly. Please ask us for further details on specific service life expectations.