Agricultural Boarding, also known as Yorkshire Boarding is available from Brookridge Timber ex stock, and can be ordered directly with our sales team, or from The Brookridge Store website!


Agricultural Boarding is also know as Yorkshire Boarding. It is typically made from 22mm x 100mm and 22mm x 150mm timbers, and are available in a range of lengths from 1.8m to 6.0m.
They can either be fitted to allow air flow with a gap between the boards or they can be fitted board on board to give a closed structure.


Brookridge Timber offers a variety of pressure treatments through its factory controlled ISO 9001 audited process.
The treatment processes, greatly extends the service life of the agricultural boarding treating it to user class 3 protecting it from wood decay and insect attack.
Our high pressure treatment process is available in either green or brown and is carried out to meet the User Class requirements of BS8417 the industry code of practice for the preservative treatment of timber.

Available sizes

22mm x 100mm x 4.8m, 22mm x 150mm x 1.8m, 22mm x 150mm x 2.4m, 22mm x 150mm x 3.0m, 22mm x 150mm x 3.6m, 22mm x 150mm x 4.2m, 22mm x 150mm x 4.8m, 22mm x 150mm x 5.4m, 22mm x 150mm x 6.0m 22mm x 225mm x 4.8m, 22mm x 200mm x 4.8m, 22mm x 200mm x 3.6m,

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