What is Joinery Timber and Why Is It Important to Have a Local Supplier?

When it comes to joinery timber, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, joinery timber is a type of wood that is used for all essential non-structural building joinery work – hence the name!

What is joinery timber?

Joinery timber is a type of wood that is used for non-structural purposes. This includes items such as windows and doors, cladding boards, skirting boards, door linings, staircases and architraves. Joinery timber is usually made from softwoods, such as pine or spruce, as these are easier to work with. However, hardwoods, such as oak or mahogany, can also be used for joinery if the required look is more traditional. If you are based in Somerset or the surrounding area, then you can source joinery timber from a reputable supplier in the South West. This ensures that you receive high-quality materials that will meet your specific requirements.

Joinery Timber South West

What are the main commercial grades of joinery timber in the UK?

Joinery timber is graded according to the number and size of knots present in the wood. The main commercial grades of joinery timber in the UK are sixths, fifths and unsorted. Sixths being the lowest grade and unsorted is the highest grade. We stock fifth grade which is ideal for use in general purpose and popular timber products such as PSE (planed square-edge) and Decking.

The number of knots will affect the strength of the timber so it is important to choose the right grade for the job you are undertaking. If you are unsure which grade of timber you need, please contact us as your local joinery timber supplier in Somerset.


What are the benefits of having a timber supplier nearby, here in the south west?

With such demand in the building and home DIY trades for what an essential supply for many businesses, it’s important to have a local supplier of joinery timber nearby, such as a Somerset joinery timber supplier.

Any joinery timber supplier or building timber trader will tell you that having a reliable and nearby timber merchant is essential. Timber is a versatile and renewable resource that has been used by humans for centuries. Today, it remains an important material for construction, furniture-making, and many other applications. A south west timber merchant can provide you with the high-quality lumber you need for your project, whether you’re building a new home or renovating an old one. Moreover, a timber merchant can offer helpful advice on the best type of wood for your needs, as well as provide guidance on how to properly care for your new lumber. In short, there are many benefits to having a timber supplier nearby. These include speed of delivery, cost, and the environmental benefits of shaving some miles off the delivery journey.

Joinery Timber Supplier Somerset

What are the benefits of Scandinavian Redwood?

We stock the highest grade of unsorted Scandinavian Redwood available for immediate delivery in any quantity. As a Somerset timber trader, we are often asked about the benefits of Scandinavian Redwood timber. There are many reasons why Scandinavian Redwood is an excellent choice for building and manufacturing. First of all, it is one of the most dimensionally stable timbers, meaning it is less likely to twist or warp over time. This makes it ideal for use in construction, as it will maintain its shape and integrity even under duress. Secondly, Scandinavian Redwood is exceptionally strong and durable, making it an excellent choice for furniture or other items that will see heavy use. Finally, Scandinavian Redwood is an environmentally friendly timber, as it is sourced from sustainably managed forests. When you choose Scandinavian Redwood, you can be confident that you are making a responsible choice that will benefit both the environment and your bottom line.

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