A Guide to the Main Types of Agricultural Building and Fencing Timber Products

If you’re looking for top-quality agricultural building timber products and agricultural fencing timber, look no further than Brookridge Timber. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the main types of agricultural fencing timber products available from Brookridge Timber, including Timber Purlins & Cladding Rails, Tongue & Grooved Stockwalling, Agricultural Cladding, Pressure Treated Structural Plywood, Fencing Systems, Stakes and Strainers, Sleepers, Timber Field Gates, and Four Way Weathered Posts.

High Quality Timber Products

We are a leading Somerset agricultural building and fencing timber supplier and we know that they play a crucial role in the construction of livestock buildings and fencing systems. Brookridge Timber is a popular supplier of such products, offering a range of high quality, pressure-preservative treated timbers that meet EU standards on structural timber.

Timber Purlins & Cladding Rails

One of the main agricultural building timbers is timber purlins & cladding rails. Since 2014, the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) has required that timber used in load-bearing situations meet EU standards. All agricultural timber purlins must be strength-graded to either C16 or C24, depending on the section and load requirement. This grading process is carried out either by visual grading or machine grading to British Standard EN 14081 and the timbers are marked with a stamp to show the strength class.

Tongue & Grooved Timber Stockwalling

Tongue & Grooved Stockwalling is another key product in Brookridge Timber’s range. As a south west timber supplier, we know that our stockwalling is a particularly robust, tongue-and-grooved softwood board that interlocks to create a strong wall suitable for cattle and other livestock buildings. Brookridge Timber produces all its timber stockwalling in-house from high-quality, sustainably sourced British softwood timber that is pressure-preservative treated to ensure an extended service life for exterior use.

Agricultural boarding

Agricultural Cladding / Yorkshire Boarding

Agricultural cladding, also known as Yorkshire Boarding, is typically made from 22mm x 100mm or 22mm x 150mm timbers and comes in lengths from 1.8m to 6.1m. These boards can be fitted to allow air flow with a gap between the boards or can be fitted board on board to give a closed structure. They are used as side and gable cladding on livestock buildings and are supplied pressure-preservative treated to protect against rot and insect attack.

Pressure Treated Structural Plywood

Pressure treated structural plywood is another important product in Brookridge Timber’s range. The plywood is manufactured in Finland and is made of cross-bonded 3mm thick coniferous veneers and bonded with a weather and boil-resistant phenolic resin adhesive. Brookridge Timber’s structural softwood plywoods are pressure-preservative treated in their ISO 9001 audited high-pressure treatment facility and are commonly used in the agricultural industry where additional protection against rot and insect attack is required.

Agricultural Timber Fencing Systems

Agricultural timber fencing systems are another crucial aspect of agricultural construction, and Brookridge Timber stocks a comprehensive range of agricultural fencing timber posts. Our timber fence posts are made from 100% pine redwood, chosen for its superior preservative treatability and ability to ensure a premium, long-term performance in ground contact conditions. All pine agricultural posts are treated to Use Class 4 – the specification for timber to be used in ground contact as fence posts.


Stakes and Strainers For Agricultural Fencing

Timber stakes and strainers are also available from Brookridge Timber, and are made from treated redwood pine to provide a durable, long-lasting solution for farm fencing and hedging.

Timber Field Gates & Four Way Weathered Posts

Timber field gates and four way weathered posts complete the range of products offered by Brookridge Timber, providing farmers with the tools they need to build sturdy, reliable agricultural buildings and fencing systems.

Brookridge Timber offers a wide range of high-quality, pressure-preservative treated agricultural building and fencing timbers to meet the demands of the agricultural industry. Our timber products are CE marked and meet EU standards, ensuring that customers receive a Declaration of Performance (DoP) which clearly defines the criteria used in the grading process. The pressure-preservative treatment process is important in protecting the timbers against rot and insect attack, helping to extend their service life and ensure that farmers get the most out of their investments.

Choose Brookridge Timber

Brookridge Timber has built up a solid reputation as one of the leading agricultural building timber products suppliers throughout the UK thanks to its focus on providing top-end materials at competitive prices whilst always striving to exceed customer expectations by delivering excellent customer service every step of the way! With its wide selection of products available across multiple categories including timber purlins & cladding rails, tongue & grooved stock walling, agricultural cladding, pressure treated structural plywood, fencing systems, stakes & strainers, sleepers, timber field gates, four-way weathered posts, there’s no doubt that Brookridge Timber is an excellent choice when it comes to sourcing all your timber needs!

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