Crafting Excellence: Brookridge Timber’s Commitment to Premium Joinery Timber Standards

At Brookridge Timber, we understand that finding quality joinery timber poses significant challenges, but our dedication and meticulous approach set us apart as a leading joinery timber supplier in the South West.

Joinery Timber South West

Challenges in Sourcing Quality Joinery Timber

The quest for high-grade joinery timber faces several hurdles:

  1. Variability in Timber Grades: With grades ranging from sixths (lowest) to unsorted (highest), discerning the appropriate quality for specific projects requires expertise. Many suppliers may not offer the comprehensive range that meets varying project demands.
  2. Quality Consistency: Ensuring consistent quality, especially in higher grades like unsorted timber, demands strong supplier relationships and rigorous selection processes, which are not universally prioritised in the industry.
  3. Treatment Precision: Properly treating timber to extend its service life while maintaining its dimensional precision, as in low-pressure treatments, demands advanced technology and strict quality control, often lacking in generic timber treatment facilities.


Brookridge Timber’s Superior Joinery Timber

Brookridge Timber, a leading Devon-based timber supplier, stands out in this challenging landscape due to several distinctive attributes:

  1. Selective Grading: We stock fifth-grade timber for general-purpose products and a wide range of unsorted timber for high-quality joinery projects like furniture manufacturing. This ensures that our clients have access to timber that precisely fits their project requirements.
  2. Diverse Applications: Our joinery timber caters to a broad spectrum of non-structural applications, including intricate woodwork for windows, doors, cladding boards, and more, ensuring versatility and broad utility.
  3. Robust Supply Chain: Our long-established connections with mills in Scandinavia and Russia allow us to provide a vast array of joinery timber grades, catering to the specific quality requirements of various applications.
  4. Commitment to Standards: We adhere to the BS EN 942 standard, ensuring our timber is suitable for its intended purpose, and our treatment processes meet the User Class requirements of BS8417, reflecting our commitment to quality and durability.
  5. Treatment Excellence: Our ISO 9001 audited process for both high and low-pressure treatments ensures the timber not only lasts longer but also retains its dimensional integrity, a testament to our commitment to delivering superior quality.
  6. In-Depth Understanding of Timber Characteristics: We recognize the importance of factors like moisture content and natural timber defects, as outlined in BS 1186-3, and ensure our timber meets the appropriate conditions and classifications, from sound knot limitations to moisture content levels suitable for various joinery applications.

By navigating the complexities of sourcing and treating quality joinery timber with expertise and dedication, Brookridge Timber solidifies its position as a premier timber supplier, ensuring clients receive not just timber, but a commitment to excellence, durability, and aesthetic integrity for their projects.

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