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High and Low Pressure Timber Treatments – The Difference and the Benefits

As a leading timber trader in the South West of England, Brookridge Timber Products offers a range of high and low pressure timber treatments to ensure the longevity and durability of our products. In this blog post, we will explain the difference between high and low pressure treatments, the benefits of pressure treating timber, and what makes Brookridge Timber a leading Somerset timber supplier.

High Pressure Treatment For Timber

High pressure treatment for timber is a proven industrial process that provides long-term protection against all forms of wood decay and insect attack. At Brookridge Timber, we use a combination of copper and triazole biocides that effectively penetrates the cellular structure of the timbers, providing permanent protection against decay organisms.

Our high pressure treatment process is carried out through a vacuum process that forces the wood preservative deep into the timber. The high pressure treated timbers initially have a pale green colouration, which weathers over time to a honey brown and eventually to a natural silver grey. This change in appearance does not diminish the overall long-term preservative protection.

Our high pressure treatments are carried out to meet the Use Class requirements required in BS 8417, the industry’s code of practice for the preservative treatment of timber. These Use Classes define the eventual end use of the timber in terms of its likely susceptibility to decay or insect attack. The higher the Use Class, the greater the degree of preservative protection for timber required.

pressure treated timber

Brown Pigmented High Pressure Treatment

In addition to the standard high pressure treated timber, we also offer an option to add a rich brown colour to the treatment process, providing an attractive and durable finish that lasts longer than traditional wood stains.

Low Pressure Treatment For Timber

Our low pressure treatment process for timber is particularly relevant for construction and joinery timbers. The process is carried out through an industrial low pressure, double vacuum process that provides an envelope of protection to the timbers without affecting their precise dimensions.

Our low pressure preservative is a water-based formulation that contains proven organic active ingredients. The low pressure treated timbers have a natural appearance, but a pale yellow colour is added to help identify the value-added treatment.

All our low pressure treatments are carried out to meet the Use Class requirements required in BS 8417. The service lives of our low pressure treated timbers vary depending on their end use, ranging from 30 years for external, coated timbers to up to 60 years for internal construction timbers.

pressure treating timber

Benefits of Pressure Treated Timber

Pressure treating timber provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Protection against decay and insect attack, extending the life of the timber product
  • Increased resistance to weathering, reducing the need for maintenance and replacement
  • Improved dimensional stability, reducing the risk of warping and splitting
  • Enhanced fire retardancy, reducing the risk of fire damage

Why Choose Brookridge Timber?

At Brookridge Timber, we put great emphasis on establishing every customer’s intended end use of timber products at the initial point of contact. This ensures that we provide the correct species selection and pressure treatment cycle to ensure that the timber supplied is fit for purpose.

In addition to our high and low pressure treated timber products, we also offer a variety of components required to complete your deck, including balustrade posts, spindles, stair treads, and handrails. Our BrookDeck timber decking system is an easy-to-follow kit that simplifies the process of building a deck. We can also supply all the structural timber required to build the sub-frame for your deck.

You can purchase our timber decking products online, and we offer nationwide delivery. As a leading South West timber supplier, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Brookridge Timber Products – A Cut Above

At Brookridge Timber Products, we offer a range of high and low pressure timber treatments to ensure that our products are durable, long-lasting, and fit for purpose. Contact us today.

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