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How To Source the Right Quality Joinery Timber for Your Project

Joinery timber is an important component of any woodwork project. It needs to be high quality, reliable, and sourced from a reputable provider. As a south west joinery timber supplier, and with that in mind, here are some tips on how to find the best quality joinery timber for your project.

Where To Look For Joinery Timber

The first step is finding a source where you can purchase joinery timber. The best place to start is a local, well-established southwest timber trader such as Brookridge Timber. Although some stores and suppliers have a selection of different types of joinery timber e.g., oak, pine, ash, and cedar the trick is to find one that combines the right quality with the right price, customer service, and delivery options. For most projects, reclaimed wood may have character but if you’re looking for quantity and quality, a Somerset joinery timber supplier such as ourselves as a first stop is a sensible choice.

Joinery Timber South West

Joinery Timber Supplier

Joinery timber is a type of wood that is used for non-structural purposes in construction, such as windows and doors, cladding boards, skirting boards, door linings, staircases, and architrave. It also includes decking components such as decking boards, handrails, and banisters, as well as solar shading. Finding high-quality joinery timber is essential for ensuring that the final product is of good quality and will last for a long time.

Finding The Right Grade

One of the most important things to consider when looking for high-quality joinery timber is the grade of the wood. The standard governing the quality of joinery timber used in a particular application is BS EN 942, which simply states that the timber should be suitable for its intended purpose. This standard supersedes BS1186 Part 2, and more information can be found on the standard’s website. The main commercially available grades of joinery timber in the UK are sixths, fifths, and unsorted. Sixths are the lowest grade, while unsorted is the highest grade. Unsorted timber is the best option for high-quality joinery projects such as furniture manufacture.

The Origin – A High Quality, Sustainable Source?

Another important consideration when searching for high-quality joinery timber is the origin of the wood. We have long-established links with various mills in Scandinavia that provide a range of joinery timber in various qualities. We keep large stocks of timber products in stock available for immediate delivery.

joinery timber supplier Somerset

Treated To Prolong Its Life

Pressure treatment is also an important factor to consider when looking for high-quality joinery timber. Our factory-controlled ISO 9001 audited process offers a variety of pressure treatments that greatly extend the service life of the timber. The treatment process protects the wood from decay and insect attack. Our high-pressure treatment process is available in either green or brown and is carried out to meet the User Class requirements of BS8417, the industry code of practice for the preservative treatment of timber. We also offer a low-pressure process, which is a double vacuum process (Vac Vac) and is widely used with our construction and joinery timbers as it does not change the precise dimension of the timber.

Brookridge Timber Ltd For High Quality Joinery Timber

In summary, finding high-quality joinery timber requires attention to detail and a good understanding of the various grades and origins of the wood, as well as the pressure treatment process. We stock the highest grade of unsorted Scandinavian Redwood available for immediate delivery in any quantity. Our wide specification in sizes has been selected to cater to all requirements. Customers can order just one size or a combination of various sizes, making any joinery project possible. If you have any questions, please contact us for information on what is the appropriate User Class for your desired end-use.

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