Ideas For Timber Sleepers: How To Use Wooden Sleepers In Gardens And Landscaping

There are many ways that timber sleepers such as oak sleepers can be used in landscaping and gardening projects. In this blog post, we will explore a few of the most popular ways to use timber sleepers in your projects. We will also provide some tips on how to choose the right railway sleepers / oak sleepers for your project.

New and reclaimed railway sleeper supplier Somerset

We supply both new and reclaimed wood sleepers in Somerset. We are often asked about how to use oak sleepers for gardens and reclaimed sleepers for landscaping projects. Here are a few popular suggestions for how to use them.

Sleepers for raised beds Somerset

One of the most popular ways to use oak sleepers is as edging for garden beds. Sleepers can be used to create a sharp edge between lawn and garden, or used to create raised garden beds. If you are using oak sleepers for raised garden beds, we recommend using reclaimed sleepers as they are less likely to rot.


Sleepers for steps and retaining walls

Another popular way to use timber sleepers is to build steps or retaining walls. Wooden sleepers make great steps because they are durable and have a natural non-slip surface. They can also be used to build retaining walls, which can help reduce soil erosion on sloped yards.

Treated railway sleepers

When choosing timber railway sleepers for these projects, it is important to choose ones that have been treated in some way. This will help ensure that the sleepers do not rot or decay over time. Our timber landscape sleepers Somerset are high pressure treated using a copper based preservative treatment. The treatment process is carried out in house through our ISO9001 quality accredited treatment process. This ensures their durability giving you value for money and a quality product that will stand the test of time and the UK weather.

Solid garden furniture, such as benches, made from railway sleepers

Railway sleepers can be used to make garden furniture, such as benches and tables, or they can be used to create a decking area.

Railway sleepers for pathways

Alternatively, they can be used to create pathways through the garden.

Sleepers as a surround for a garden pond.

Oak railway sleepers can also be used to make a very strong and great looking surround for a garden pond. This can work really well when using sleepers for a raised garden pond.


The Aesthetic appeal of railway sleepers

Railway sleepers look great in a garden because they are a rustic and natural looking addition that can really add to the overall aesthetic of the space. They are also a really durable material, meaning they can last for years without any problems. This makes them a great choice for areas that will see a lot of traffic, such as paths or around trees.

New or reclaimed railway sleepers

Railway sleepers, such as reclaimed sleepers, are a great way to add some interest and character to your garden. They are also very versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. So if you’re looking for something different for your garden, railway sleepers could be the perfect solution.

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