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What Makes Us A Trusted Timber Supplier In Somerset?

If you’re in the construction or landscaping business, or if you’re a homeowner with a home/garden improvement project it is essential to know how to identify a trusted timber supplier. There is an increasing demand for timber products and it’s worth knowing that a trusted timber supplier provides quality products and services at reasonable prices, while also being reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced. As a timber supplier Somerset is where one of our two sites can be found and we know a thing or two about what customers tell us they’re looking for and what they really value in their local Somerset timber supplier. With this in mind, here are some of the things we believe make us a trusted timber supplier in Somerset.

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Experience and Reputation

A crucial factor in customers determining which timber supplier they should trust is the experience of that timber supplier in the industry. Looking for a south west timber supplier who has been in the business for many years and is widely known in the area not only shows that they have built up a strong reputation but also that they have a wealth of knowledge about their products that can translate into you being able to find exactly the right timber for your needs. Established in 1981, Brookridge Timber Ltd’s steady growth and investment over the years have led it to establish a fully equipped and modern timber mill, a fleet of lorries, and a variety of high and low-pressure treatment plants, all of which helps us to stock a range of quality timber and sheet materials to suit a large range of end uses. This has helped us to build a solid reputation as a trusted timber supplier Somerset businesses and individuals prefer to buy from.

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Quality Timber Products

One other important factor that has helped us to establish ourselves as the leading South West timber supplier is always providing our customers with high-quality products. We are happy for customers to call us or visit our sites in Somerset in Devon to ask about and look at our quality credentials for themselves to get an idea of the reason why our timber is valued so highly. We always recommend that timber buyers ask questions about where a timber supplier’s wood comes from and if it has been sustainably sourced or certified by an independent third party like FSC or PEFC. All our materials are sustainable wherever possible and through stringent certifications, we can guarantee that any of our certified products have an unbroken and reliable chain of custody. We also offer a variety of pressure treatments through its factory-controlled ISO 9001 audited process.

Cost-Effective Prices

When selecting a timber supplier Somerset businesses of course see price as an important consideration. Unfortunately, there are some suppliers out there who charge exorbitant prices for inferior products and services. This is why it pays off to do your research beforehand and compare costs between different suppliers before making any final decisions. Our pricing is regularly reviewed and remains highly competitive.

Brookridge Timber – Your Trusted Somerset Timber Supplier

It’s no accident that we describe ourselves on this website as “the South West’s most trusted timber trader”. Choosing a trusted timber supplier requires careful research and comparison shopping, but it pays off in the end! Make sure that your potential suppliers are experienced in the industry with a good reputation, provide high-quality products (preferably sustainably sourced), and offer cost-effective prices before committing to any purchase decisions. Following these tips will help you identify the reliable, trusted Somerset timber supplier who can provide excellent service at affordable rates – Brookridge Timber.

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